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Cyberpunk 2020

    Welcome to the dark future of Cyberpunk This section of the site will cover and attempt to abridge the instructions of play in order to more easily understand and navigate the rules. This has become one of my favorite systems, but the layout of the book can be confusing, with many rules that connect being spread among different pages and scattered to different sections.

    Hopefully this place will be of utility, as we try and connect everything together as much as possible. Either way, it is highly recommended that those who wish to play and/or run the game own a copy of the core rule book. Support the developers, as they are wonderful people and have created a wonderful game. This is only intended to act as a companion piece of software.

Table of Contents

Cyberpunk is a dark game about the dark future! As a result, there will be some references to material that some will find disturbing or distressing. While most of the time it will be obvious what is being discussed based on the headings, it's not always! This warning will appear when needed! If you find a page that should have this warning but doesn't, please reach out to me!

Viewer discretion is advised!