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    Welcome to my personal site! I plan to carve our a space on the internet so that I may share some of my interests and insights with whoever stumbles upon it. Works and links on the site may contain adult material. All text should be mainly PG13 - R rated, while art uploaded here may contain adult themes or material.

Viewer discretion is advised!


    This site is tested in 16:9 and 4:3! Everything should work regardless, however results may vary. Something may be displaying incorrectly and is known, sometimes things break! I have tested this site on a Pixel 4 and iPad Pro. While the iPad mostly works, there are a few tweaks that need made. On the Pixel (in other words, mobile), this does not work at all. I might try and fix mobile, but that is a low priority compared to other computers and tablets unless demand suddenly become very high.

    If it looks like you've found this homepage again, despite clearly clicking on something else, that's because you've found the template! I use the bare-bones version of this page as a template for setting up new pages. Don't worry! That page will be populated eventually.


    1. Updated sections I saw with fixed heights, they should now extend as far as the text displays now.

    2. Added a dice roller to the Cyberpunk section for random points generation.

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