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Life Path

    The life path options within the book are useful for coming with the character backstories that fit within the world. Note that by and large these are optional and the game can easily be run if a player wishes to skip this. It's advised though that every should at least glance over this section to help understand some of the state of the world.

    This section will only consist of the tables, please refer to the book for more details. This section begins on page 33 of the core rule book.

Dress & Personal Style

Die Roll Clothes Hair Style Affections
1 Biker leathers Mohawk Tatoos
2 Blue jeans Long & Ratty Mirrorshades
3 Corporate Suits Short & Spiked Ritual Scars
4 Jumpsuits Wild & all over Spiked gloves
5 Miniskirts Bald Nose Rings
6 High Fasion Striped Earrings
7 Cammos Tinted Long fingernails
8 Normal clothes Neat, short Spike heeled boots
9 Nude Short, curly Weird Contact Lenses
10 Bag Lady chic Long, straight Fingerless gloves

Ethnic Origins

Die Roll:

  1. Anglo-American
  2. African
  3. Japanese/Korean
  4. Central European/Soviet
  5. Pacific Islander
  6. Chinese/Southeast Asian
  7. Black American
  8. Hispanic American
  9. Central/South American
  10. European

Family Background

Family Ranking:

  1. Corporate Executive
  2. Corporate Manager
  3. Corporate Technician
  4. Nomad Pack
  5. Pirate Fleet
  6. Gang Family
  7. Crime Lord
  8. Combat Zone Poor
  9. Urban homeless
  10. Arcology family

1-6: Both parents are living (Got to Family Status)

7-10: Something happened to one or both (Got to Something Happened)

Something Happened:
  1. Your parent(s) died in warfare
  2. Your parent(s) died in an accident
  3. Your parent(s) were murdered
  4. Your parent(s) have amnesia and don't remember you
  5. You never knew you parent(s)
  6. Your parent(s) are in hiding to protect you
  7. You were left with relative for safekeeping
  8. You grew up on the streets and never had parents
  9. Your parent(s) gave you up for adoption
  10. Your parent(s) sold you for money
Family Status:

1-6: Family status in danger, and you risk losing everything (Go to Family Tragedy)

7-10: Family status is OK! (Go to Childhood Environment)

Family Tragedy:
  1. Family lost everything through betrayal
  2. Family lost everything through bad management
  3. Family exiled or otherwise driven from their original home/nation/corporation
  4. Family is imprisoned and you alone escaped
  5. Family vanished. You are the only remaining member
  6. Family was murdered/killed and you were the only survivor
  7. Family is involved in a long-term conspiracy, organization or association, such as a crime family or revolution group
  8. Your family was scattered to the winds due to misfortune
  9. Your family is cursed with a hereditary feud that has lasted for generations
  10. You are the inheritor of a family debt; you must honor this debt before moving on with your life
Childhood Environment:
  1. Spent on the street, with no adult supervision
  2. Spent in a safe Corporate Suburbia
  3. In a nomad pack moving from town to town
  4. In a decaying, once upscale neighborhood
  5. In a defended Corporate Zone in the central city
  6. In the heart of the Combat Zone
  7. In a small village or town far from the city
  8. In a large arcology city
  9. In an aquatic pirate pack
  10. On a corporate controlled farm or research facility

You may have up to 7 siblings. Roll 1d10. 1-7 is equal to the number you have. 8-10 and you were an only child. Roll the following per sibling:

  1. Roll 1d10; Even = Male, Odd = Female
  2. Relative age: 1-5 = older; 6-9 = younger; 10 = twin
  3. Feelings toward you: 1-2 = dislikes; 3-4 = likes; 5-6 neutral; 7-8 = hero worship; 9-10 = hate


Personality Traits:

  1. Shy and secretive
  2. Rebellious, antisocial, violent
  3. Arrogant, proud and aloof
  4. Moody, rash and headstrong
  5. Picky, fussy and nervous
  6. Stable and serious
  7. Silly and fluffheaded
  8. Sneaky and deceptive
  9. Intellectual and detached
  10. Friendly and outgoing
Person You Value Most:
  1. A parent
  2. Sibling
  3. Lover
  4. A friend
  5. Yourself
  6. A pet
  7. Teacher or mentor
  8. Public figure
  9. A personal hero
  10. No one
What You Value the Most:
  1. Money
  2. Honor
  3. Your word
  4. Honesty
  5. Knowledge
  6. Vengeance
  7. Love
  8. Power
  9. Having a good time
  10. Friendship
How do you Feel About Most People:
  1. Neutral
  2. Neutral
  3. I like almost everyone
  4. I hate almost everyone
  5. People are tools. Use them for your own goals and discard them
  6. Every person is a valuable individual
  7. People are obstacles to be destroyed if they cross me
  8. People are untrustworthy. Don't depend on anyone
  9. Wipe 'em all out and five the place to the cockroaches
  10. People are wonderful
Your Most Valued Possession:
  1. A weapon
  2. A tool
  3. A piece of clothing
  4. A photograph
  5. A book or diary
  6. A recording
  7. A musical instrument
  8. A piece of jewelry
  9. A toy
  10. A letter

Life Events

Age: 1d6+16

For each year beyond 16, roll 1d10 and check the chart below. From the chart head to the section and complete the rolls there.

1-3: Big Problems, Big Wins

4-6: Friends & Enemies

7-8: Romantic Involvement

9-10: Nothing Happened That Year

Big Problems, Big Wins

Roll 1d10.
Evens = You Get Lucky
Odds = Disaster Strikes

Disaster Strikes!

  1. Financial loss or Debt: Roll 1d10 x 100. You have lost this much in Eurodollars. If you can't pay this now, you have a debt to pay, in cash-or blood.
  2. Imprisonment: You have been in prison, or possibly held hostage (your choice). Roll 1d10 for length of imprisonment in months.
  3. Illness or addiction: You have contracted either an illness or drug habit in this time. Lost 1 point of REF permanently as a result.
  4. Betrayal: you have been backstabbed in some manner. Roll another d10. 1-3, you are being blackmailed. 4-7, a secret was exposed. 8-10, you were betrayed by a close friend in either romance or career (you choose).
  5. Accident: You were in some kind of terrible accident. Roll 1d10. 1-4, you were terribly disfigured and must subtract -5 from your ATTR. 5-6, you were hospitalized for 1d10 months that year. 7-8, you have lost 1d10 months of memory of that year. 9-10, you constantly relive nightmares (8 in 10 chance each night) of the accident and wake up screaming.
  6. Lover, friend or relative killed: You lost someone you really cared about. 1-5, they died accidentally. 6-8, they were murdered by unknown parties. 9-10, they were murdered and you know who did it. You just need the proof.
  7. False Accusation: You were set up. Roll 1d10. 1-3, the accusation is theft. 4-5 it's cowardice. 6-8 it's murder. 9 it's rape. 10, it's lying or betrayal.
  8. Hunted by the law: You are hunted by the law for crimes you may or may not have committed (your choice). Roll 1d10. 1-3, only a couple local cops want you. 4-6, it's the entire local force. 7-8 it's the State Police or Militia. 9-10, it's the FBI or equivalent national police force.
  9. Hunted by a Corporation: You have angered some corporate honcho. Roll 1d10. 1-3, it's a small, local firm. 4-6, it's a larger corp with offices statewide. 7-8; it's a big, national corp with agents in major cities nationwide. 9-10; it's a huge multinational with armies, ninja and spies everywhere.
  10. Mental or physical Incapacitation: You have experienced some type of mental or physical breakdown. Roll 1d10. 1-3, it's some type of nervous disorder, probably from a bioplague - lose 1 point REF. On 4-7, it's some kind of mental problem; you suffer anxiety attacks and phobias. lose 1 pt from your CL stat. 8-10, it's a major psychosis. You hear voices, are violent, irrational, depressive. Lose 1 pt from your CL, 1 from REF.



  1. Clear your name
  2. Clear your name
  3. Live it down and try to forget it
  4. Live it down and try to forget it
  5. Hunt down those responsible and make them pay
  6. Hunt down those responsible and make them pay
  7. Get what's rightfully yours
  8. Get what's rightfully yours
  9. Save, if possible, anyone else involved in the situation
  10. Save, if possible, anyone else involved in the situation

You Get Lucky

  1. Make a Powerful Connection in City Government. Roll 1d10. 1-4, it's in the Police Dept. 5-7, it's in the District Attorney's Office. 8-10, it's in the Mayor's Office.
  2. Financial Windfall: Roll1d10 x 100 for amount in Eurodollars.
  3. Big Score on job or deal! Roll 1d10 x 100 for amount in Eurodollars
  4. Find a Sensei (teacher) Begin at +2 or add +1 to a Martial Arts Skill of your choice.
  5. Find a Teacher: Add + 1 to any INT based skill, or begin a new INT based skill at +2.
  6. Powerful Corporate Exec owes you one favor.
  7. Local Nomad Pack befriends you. You can call upon them for one favor a month, equivalent to a Family Special Ability of +2.
  8. Make a Friend on the Police Force. You may use him for inside information at a level of +2 Streetwise on any police related situation.
  9. Local Boostergang likes you (Who knows why. These are Boosters, right?) You can call upon them for 1 favor a month, equivalent to a Family Special Ability of +2. But don't push it.
  10. Find a Combat Teacher. Add +1 to any weapon skill with the exception of Martial Arts or Brawling, or begin a new combat skill at +2.

Friends & Enemies

Roll 1d10.
1-5 = You made a friend!
6-10 = You made an enemy!

Make a Friend

Sex: Roll 1d10 -- Even = Male; Odd = Female

  1. Like a big sibling to you
  2. Like a kid sibling to you
  3. A teacher or mentor
  4. A partner or co-worker
  5. An old lover (choose one)
  6. An old enemy (choose one)
  7. Like a foster parent to you
  8. A relative
  9. Reconnect with an old childhood friend
  10. Met through a common interest

Make an Enemy

Sex: Roll 1d10 -- Even = Male; Odd = Female

This enemy is:

  1. Ex friend
  2. Ex lover
  3. Relative
  4. Childhood enemy
  5. Person working for you
  6. Person you work for
  7. Partner or co-worker
  8. Booster gang member
  9. Corporate Exec
  10. Government Official
The Cause:
  1. Caused the other to lose face or status
  2. Caused the loss of a lover, friend or relative
  3. Caused a major humiliation
  4. Accused the other of cowardice or some other personal flaw
  5. Caused a physical disability (1d6: 1-2 = lose eye; 3-4 = lose arm; 5-6 = badly scarred)
  6. Deserted or betrayed the other
  7. Turned down other's offer of job or romantic involvement
  8. You just didn't like each other
  9. Was a romantic rival
  10. Foiled a plan of the other's
Who's Fracked Off?:
  1. They hate you
  2. They hate you
  3. They hate you
  4. They hate you
  5. You hate them
  6. You hate them
  7. You hate them
  8. The feeling's mutual
  9. The feeling's mutual
  10. The feeling's mutual
Whatcha' Gonna Do About It?:
  1. Go into a murderous, killing rage and rip his face off!
  2. Go into a murderous, killing rage and rip his face off!
  3. Avoid the scum
  4. Avoid the scum
  5. Backstab them indirectly
  6. Backstab them indirectly
  7. Ignore the scum
  8. Ignore the scum
  9. Rip into him verbally
  10. Rip into him verbally
What Can They Throw Against You?:
  1. Just themselves
  2. Just themselves
  3. Just themselves
  4. Themselves and a few friend
  5. Themselves and a few friend
  6. An entire gang
  7. An entire gang
  8. A small corporation
  9. A large corporation
  10. An entire government agency

Friend or foe, roll on the Personal Style and Motivations sections to determine what they are like.

Romantic Life

How it Worked Out:

  1. Happy love affair (Back to Life Events)
  2. Happy love affair (Back to Life Events)
  3. Happy love affair (Back to Life Events)
  4. Happy love affair (Back to Life Events)
  5. Tragic Love Affair
  6. Love Affair with Problems
  7. Love Affair with Problems
  8. Fast affairs and hot dates (Back to Life Events)
  9. Fast affairs and hot dates (Back to Life Events)
  10. Fast affairs and hot dates (Back to Life Events)
Tragic Love Affair:
  1. Lover died in accident
  2. Lover mysteriously vanished
  3. It didn't work out
  4. A personal goal or vendetta came between you
  5. Lover kidnapped
  6. Lover went insane
  7. Lover committed suicide
  8. Lover killed in a flight
  9. Rival cut you out of the action
  10. Lover imprisoned or exiled
Lover Affair with Problems:
  1. Your lover's friends/family hate you
  2. Your lover's friends/family would use any means to get rid of you
  3. Your friends/family hate your lover
  4. One of you has a romantic rival
  5. You are separated in some way
  6. You fight constantly
  7. You're professional rivals
  8. One of you is insanely jealous
  9. One of you is "messing around"
  10. You have conflicting backgrounds and families

Go to Mutual Feelings

Mutual Feelings:
  1. They still love you
  2. You still love them
  3. You still love each other
  4. You hate them
  5. They hate you
  6. You hate each other
  7. You're friends
  8. No feeling's either way; it's over
  9. You like them; they hate you
  10. They like you; you hate them

Roll on the Personal Style and Motivations sections to determine how this ex is/was. Consider if your character would ever attempt to romance again with this info.

Career & Skills

This section contains references to SA and worse!

This section can be used without including the unwanted material, but this is presented as the tables in the book presents them! Send this to your Game Master or trusted party member if you would like someone to review and/or remove sections before reading.

Viewer discretion is advised!