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About the Site!

    This site is an attempt to be apart of the greater indie web movement. To create a small place where my friends, people of similar minds, and myself can congregate. I want it to be a resource for fellow Tabletop Role Playing Game players and game masters. I want a place to put up my art that isn't just a social media site. I want to recapture a piece of what made the internet great in the first place. These days it feels like when I get online these days I cycle between two to three websites, depending on if I'm trying to do something or just scroll. While there are many benefits to these giant hubs, it does make the internet feel smaller. Not to mention that each hub site tends to dictate the trends and styles of other sites. I wish to reject this level of conformity.


    There are no real ads on this site. That is to say, I'm no paid any money for the sites, products, and companies that appear here. The ads are for fun and either lead you to a cool modern indie thing, or an archived website for the property. You can click the Pokemon ad here and see the Pokemon website as it was in 2002!

About Me!

    I'm just a little nerd doing nerd things on the internet. Bi, NB, long haired bleeding heart socialist.